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Optical Surface Lapping

With the most modern equipment within our facilities we are more than capable of meeting all your Lapping and Optical polishing requirements.

Working form a cleanroom environment and experienced in all Injection Mould Tool Refurbishment and Replacement.

As seen from the picture this lapping machine is our first phase lapping to remove surface scratches before moving onto two more steps of Lapping and Polishing, rteturning your mirror as new.

Height Adjustment Back to Original Equipment Manufacturers Specification (OEM)

Where this is neccessary we Hard Chrome the backsurface and counter bore areas leaving enough stock for CNC surface grinding.  As can be seen from the picture adustment of a DvD optical Mirror Block inside step area. Where OEM specification is always neccessary, tolerances of +/- 0.001mm are more than achievable with our experienced staff of engineers and technicians.  All operated form an environmentally controlled area to eliminate the possibility of fluctuation of material expansion or contraction.


 Coatings: Chemical and Physical Vapour Deposition (CVD & PVD)

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