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Replacement parts for the G type 22mm DvD Mould

All manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturers Specification

 A  G- Type Inner Stamper Holder
 B  G-Type Stationary Side Bush
 C  G-Type Moving Side Bush
 D  G- Type Moving Side Mirror Layer O
   G- Type Moving Side Mirror Layer 1
 E  G-Type Cavity Ring
 F  G-Type Stationary Side Mirror (DLC)
 G  G Type Floating Punched

Replacement parts for the H type 22mm DvD Mould
 A H- Type Inner Stamper Holder
 B H & G Type Set Pins - Sold as set
 C H Type Float Punch
 D H Guide Ring Set 
 E  H Stationary Side Bush/Sleeve
 F  H Type Cavity Ring
 G  H Moving Side Bush


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